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Polyphonic LP makes games that explore the boundaries between music and digital gameplay. Headquartered in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, our projects are designed to create compelling experiences across multiple platforms. Founders Sam Izzo (@BananaboySam) and Andrew Trevillian (@Tres_Villain) met in a previous life while working on award-winning de Blob at Blue Tongue Entertainment and have 21 years of combined experience in game development. Their debut title Resynth is out now on iOS!

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Sam Izzo

Technical Director @ Polyphonic LP
A jazz piano playing programmer.

Andrew Trevillian

Creative Director @ Polyphonic LP
Designer, lecturer, maker of things.

From the blog

Resynth Coming to iOS July 13!

We are super excited to announce that Resynth will be coming to iOS on July 13! That’s next week! The web site for the game is now live over here! And here’s our brand spanking new announcement trailer!   We’ve been working hard on squashing bugs and improving performance over the last couple of weeks. […]

Investigating Unity iOS executable bloat

We’ve been busy getting Resynth ready for submission, and part of that process has involved doing a lot of optimisation for both runtime performance and binary size. We made a lot of fixes to improve performance on low end iOS devices, and crunched down textures and sounds where we could to reduce the installed app […]

Latest Happenings

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, so we thought it was about time for an update! It’sĀ been a busy year for Polyphonic LP so far. In February, Sam went to San Francisco to attend GDC 2017. While there he showed the game to TouchArcade and they did a write up and video preview of […]

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